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Harting Distributor in Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore & Mumbai

Harting DistributorCompetence in all areas of industrial manufacturing with tailored solutions for transmission of energy, signals, and data is what describes Harting. With outstanding development in the areas of connection, transmission, and network technology, Harting has been successfully delivering various kinds of connectors, sensors, and encoders to clients across the globe. Alltronix is the Indian Harting distributor in Bangalore that supplies a range of circular connectors, current sensors, data connectors, electronic connectors, power connectors, encoders, heavy duty connectors, modular rectangular connectors, high speed backplanes, and PCB terminals to the Indian subcontinent.

Alltronix is the Harting distributor in Chennai that offers a portfolio of field-assembly angles and straight M8, M12, and 7/8” connectors that are accustomed to meet all relevant automation requirements. Along with the standard requirements for sensors, the special requirements of communication technology including Ethernet, Profinet, Profibus, CAN, and Devicenet can also be met with these connectors, ready-to-use patch cables, and corresponding accessories.

When you are looking to measure different kinds of currents for various electronic appliances, you are actually looking for current sensors. And, there can be nothing better than Harting’s current sensors that are provided in India by Alltronix, the prominent Harting distributor in Hyderabad. So, get in touch to measure currents for all kinds of appliances like generators, electrical drives, SMPS, USV, elevators, cranes, welding systems, electric vehicles, ship propulsion systems, and many others effectively.

Alltronix is also a Harting distributor in Pune offering sophisticated data connectors for service interfaces to industrial machineries, switch cabinets, medical services, and building services technologies. Also offered are electronic connectors in heavy duty housings for applications where robust, high-density, splash-proof connectors are required in the automated control and industrial processing systems.

High speed backplanes are another range of products that are offered by the leading Harting distributor in Delhi. Through innovative use of microstructures, metallurgy, printed circuit board technology, and design simulation, Harting manufactures the best quality backplanes that ensure superior performance. With these backplanes, you can rest assured to get reliable service in even the most demanding application environments, as the products are designed to accommodate high-speed signals without excessive latency and distortion.

Our range of connectors also includes multifaceted modular rectangular connectors from Harting, which are designed to combine various assembly details transmission media in a single connector. These are flexible solutions that reduce installation time, decrease production downtimes, and save space and cost. To add to the list are Harting’s PCB connectors that are ideal for the widest range of board-to-board and board-to-cable applications. This series of connectors include straight connector models, angles models, and compatible insulation displacement connectors that are manufactured with robust PCB termination technologies. All the components involved are particularly suited for reflow soldering on the PCB and offer field assembly with Push-in and insulation displacement termination for single wires. All of this makes these connectors highly reliable and dependable.

With so many varied kinds of high quality accessories available, for any kinds of requirements for sensors, encoders, and connectors, remember it is only one name – Alltronix – the leading Harting distributor in Mumbai,who can help you!