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Why Are Trackside Networks Required For WiFi Within Trains?

A decade ago, only a few businessmen train travelers demanded internet on board. Back then, a trackside WiFi solution seemed very expensive. But now, whether for business, personal, or entertainment purposes, customer demand for internet on board is increasing dramatically! This is why trackside WiFi is being considered now, which involves building a dedicated wireless network along the tracks for a high-capacity network.

Why Are Trackside Networks Required For WiFi Within Trains?

Till date, railway travelers have been provided with internet that is non-existent or awful. This has been because almost every train WiFi is based on systems using commercial cellular data networks, which have been providing spotty mobile coverage along most stretches of railway tracks. The major train operators across the world have been providing WiFi on board using 3G/LTE cellular connectivity, but the customer experience has been really poor, with the passengers’ expectations not being met. And, the faster the train, the harder it is to get a good connection. With simple phone calls getting cut-off on a high speed train, imagine what the case would be with the internet. Moreover, with so many travelers accessing internet on board simultaneously, the service is definitely heavily limited, excluding video streaming, heavy downloads, and video calling services.

Because of all these reasons, the internet service on board has been very erratic. Not offering reliable internet service on the rail is impacting the ridership of passengers. Instead, if a connection up to 100mbps at 220mph speed is provided, it can improve customer satisfaction and positively impact ridership. And, the right way to deliver such high capacity and consistent WiFi experience on trains is by deploying a dedicated wireless trackside network.

This is why many well-known and established brands like Acksys are being approached to provide such seamless WiFi experience on rails today. Acksys is a recognized French manufacturer of robust data communication equipment since the year 1984. Its high quality standards and expertise have enabled it to meet the most competitive requirements of the railway industry and many others. It has spread its reach to five continents; and if you are looking for a trusted supplier of Acksys goods in India, Alltronix is where you should be. You can get the finest quality products and systems to enable a seamless experience of WiFi on Board Train Networking in India.

However, executing this proposal throughout the country is not going to be easy! Cellular-based systems cost a few crores of rupees to set up, which can be justified by a small increase in ticket sales, but trackside networks can cost hundreds of crores of rupees, depending upon the length! And, providing travelers with free WiFi to attract more commuters will definitely not be enough to justify such huge trackside network costs. This is why new networks must support not only WiFi, but also all kinds of operational connectivity needs like security systems, remote condition monitoring, on-board safety control systems, etc.

With such trackside systems and the latest WiFi technologies in place, internet signals can be handed off from one station to another without interruption as the train races past various stations; thus offering a seamless internet experience for travelers.