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Why And What Safety Signs And Labels Should You Use?

There are thousands of workplace injuries and accidents seen to be occurring every year because of falls, trips, shocks, etc. This is why it is recommended to have safety signs and labels in every work environment. But, just like every other industry, this industry also has seen lots of advancements, which we will discuss about here.

Why And What Safety Signs And Labels Should You Use?

Brady is one of the most reputed names in the industry of safety signs and labels. When asked about the advancements in this segment, regional product manager for Brady, Tom Smith said, “Some of the latest printer technologies for attention-grabbing, customized signs and labels include multicolour thermal transfer printing, full-colour inkjet printing, and letter-and-shape-cutting functionality.” He further added, “Label creation software has also been enhanced to streamline the creation of signs and labels – moving from CDs and flash drives to online platforms with push notifications for the latest updates, and packaged bundles that align with your print application needs.”

Also, workplace safety editor for Neenah, WI-headquartered JJ Keller & Associates Inc., Michelle Graveen said, “If employees do not understand the intent of a sign or label, then it is a failure. Successful safety signs and labels provide information, warnings, and directions in a clear and concise method.” Thus, while the labels and safety signs must be clear, concise, and understandable; employees should also be granted education, which will teach them what they must do as soon as they see a particular symbol or a specific text. In addition, she also suggested that there be minimal, yet adequate number of safety signs and labels in the workplace. She said, “If too few safety signs are posted, employees are not informed or reminded of important information. When too many safety signs are posted in a single area, employees tend to stop paying attention to them or do not notice when a sign is new or changed.” So, in either case, it is a failure and waste of time.

Chief marketing officer for Garfield, NJ-based, Jason Hodulik suggests that customized safety signs are a better choice than generic signs. He says, “While many hazards are common, generic safety messages may not be completely applicable to the equipment, materials or workflows of your facility. For example, the storage of chemicals requires identification and markings specific to those chemicals. In instances like this, custom safety signs and labels are an ideal solution, and online design tools make it easy to create custom safety identification for your unique requirements.” Therefore, while safety signs and labels are important, customized signs are even better.

However, whatever kind of safety signs and labels you use, you need to be sure you are getting them from professionals. Any kind of misuse of label printers or label creation software can result in having non-compliant signs and labels in your workplace. This is why rely on professionals like Brady for such products. And, to get Brady into your workplace, you can get in touch with Alltronix, the most reliable Brady distributor in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, and Hyderabad.