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What Is The Future Of WiFi Onboard Trains?

The digital landscape is only evolving and increasing in use. We all are so addicted to our digital gadgets that we can just not do without them for even a single day! And, with the advancements in technology, our expectations are increasing too. And, if the technologies don’t deliver high standards that we expect, our satisfaction levels drop.

What Is The Future Of WiFi Onboard Trains?

Speaking of our smartphones and the internet, we are so hooked onto these elements that we want to use the internet on our phones throughout our rail journey. Thus, connectivity is a requirement not only at home and office, but on the rail too, which is why WiFi on board train networking in India is highly important today.

Now, what customers here don’t understand is that at home and office, we are in a static environment. But, when on the tracks, we are constantly moving. Even then, customers want the same WiFi experience on the rail as they experience at home or at work. This has set the challenge bar so incredibly high for providing rail passengers with fast and instant internet streaming on their smartphones. Therefore, while internet access on-board trains was never meant to imitate a home or office broadband connection, Indian railways now expect their rail operating companies to offer rail customers with exception on-board connectivity.

Indian railways want to offer such incredible internet services to their passengers that they can browse the internet, send/receive emails, watch videos and movies online, listen to music online, watch live news, and use their social media networks efficiently without any signal or network disturbance. Whether productive work or passing away their time, passengers need to make the most out of their travel internet services. Times have changed, and passengers are more demanding of the digital environmental and related services than ever before! Therefore, rail products and solutions must respond and adapt to the passenger demand of today.

So, what does the future hold for this digital scenario? Well, what we expect in the future is a range of passenger services moving to the edge of the network to provide them with a better experience. Moving from the base station to the train itself, the services can be consumed directly by passengers. Thus, we will be moving into a world of high-definition media content being delivered directly on-board. Thus, movies, live TV, live news, and much more will be readily available along with business-focused email services and browsing options. There will further be even more developments to enhance the passenger experience through 4G and 5G.

Also, this will help make it easy for passengers to be informed in real-time about the status and next step of their journey. Relevant information can be pushed to them through apps or on-train portals. Providing such a mix of services on-board that is either hosted on the framework, or can be accessed by the WiFi on board train networking in India, can result in flexibility and future-proofing.

In short, the rail systems need to be able to respond to the increasing demands of the passengers, and the limitations of the cellular coverage. Versatile and adaptable solutions need to be available.