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The Innovation And Usefulness Of Automatic Guided Vehicles

Everything is going mobile, portable, automatic, and technological today is this technology-obsessed world. We have even heard of driverless cars and drones coming into use lately. One similar appliance is the automated guided vehicle, which is a mobile robot that follows markers or wires in the floor, or uses vision and lasers. The main purpose they are used for is to move materials across the floor in a manufacturing facility in industrial applications. This amazing innovation is one of the most useful innovations for those working in warehouses.

The Innovation And Usefulness Of Automatic Guided Vehicles

Other applications that these automated guided vehicles are used in include transportation of different types of materials, like rolls, racks, carts, pallets, and containers. Thus, loading and transportation of materials from one place to another is the main task of these vehicles. As a matter of fact, they can be used in any applications that require delivery of stable loads, repetitive movement of materials over a distance, and on-time schedules involving medium throughput/volume. With these vehicles in place, operations become efficient and trackable. These vehicles also ensure ease for I/O expansion, motor monitoring, signal acquisition, failure-free operations, and longer operations.

These automated guided vehicles are also used in coordination with other robots on the floor to communicate with them and ensure that products are moved as intended throughout the warehouse. This is possible through immense efforts put into programming the robots that integrate sound, light, and other computer technologies. These automated guided vehicles are built with lots of technologies to ensure that they do not jam into something, or do not hit one another when multiple motor robots are used on a single floor, and can successfully reach their destination. You can imagine how difficult managing all of this with automation can be!

Central logging stores all the history and data from these vehicles that can be logged to check for up time, and can also be printed out for technical support. In this case, the monitor, keyboard, and I/O expansions are connected through an industrial computer platform, to read data of speed sensors and offset sensors, as well as to monitor the motor of the vehicle. And, these industrial computer platforms are supplied by leading manufacturers like Advantech, whose industrial computing solutions are applied in mobile resource management like fleet management, warehouses management systems, asset management, worker management, and mobile surveillance.

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