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The HARTING har-flexicon® Connectors

The HARTING technology group is always expanding its portfolio of terminals and connectors to offer better products. It has also joined the trend of modularization and miniaturization of industrial electronics, and has come up with its har-flexicon range of connectors, which is a robust PCB termination technology for individual wires. With applications and devices becoming smaller and more compact, there is increasing requirement of miniaturized PCB connectors and greater contact density, while retaining the ease of use and robustness. The har-flexicon is tailored to meet these demands with screw-less rapid termination technology and economical processing for electronic assemblies. This is thus an innovative connectivity technology for all industrial devices as it routes power, data, and signals through the side of the device to the PCB. It is a miniature SMD connector for rapid connection of signle wires, and provides the perfect link between the periphery and PCBs in industrial devices.

The HARTING har-flexicon® Connectors

In the har-flexicon range, components for termination of industrial devices in the pitches of 1.27mm, 2.54mm, 3.50mm, 3.81mm, 5.00mm, and 5.08mm are available. All these products are particularly designed for reflow soldering on the PCB and offer field assembly with Push-In and insulation displacement termination for individual wires. These components offer swift and convenient single strand wiring that features superior stability, low overall height, and a fully automatic equipping process. These products have been designed for SMT and SMC reflow soldering processes and automatic loading using established pick-and-place processes.


  • Rapid and tool-less connection of single wires with insulation displacement connection, push-in spring-cage connection, and screw connection up to 2.5mm2 with easy and quick usage for the smallest of designs. This results in a lot of time saving too.
  • Robust SMD design with large-area SMT fixings that provide a rigid and sturdy connection to the PCB. Insertions and withdrawal forces can be absorbed to take the pressure off solder contacts on the connection side.
  • High packaging density with various pitches of 1.27mm, 2.54mm, 3.50mm, 3.81mm, 5.00mm, and 5.08mm
  • Low processing costs with automatic mount and reflow soldering process that simplifies the process and optimizes the production of PCBs

The har-flexicon is extremely miniaturized, making it unique in the area of field-installable single-wire connection. The standard contact pitches of 3.5/3.81 and 5.00/5.08 mm have been transferred to the smaller sizes of 1.27 and 2.54 mm for the same functionality and maintenance of same industrial grade quality. With all of this, there are clear cost advantages in production, applying to both loading and soldering. This has made these connectors highly popular in the industries of automation, MCR, power engineering, mechanical engineering, and transportation technology.

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