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The Han-Eco B Series – Efficiency With Time And Money Saving

Technology is constantly on its toes to provide humans more than the comfort and benefits than they should be getting. Until only recently, pre-assembles cable harnesses and connectors were inserted from the inside of the switch cabinet into a bulkhead mounted housing attached to the inner wall of the cabinet, making it a very complex set up. There was substantial effort required for this application, which was a challenge that could not be avoided. However, as mentioned above, technology always finds its way to make things easier. And, so did it in this case too!

The Han-Eco B Series – Efficiency With Time And Money Saving

HARTING’s Han-Eco B series is what comes to the rescue for this challenging setup. It provides valuable advantages for equipment, using the Han B industry standard. In this technology, both ends of the cable harnesses can be rear-mounted from the inside of the switch cabinet into the bulkhead-mounted housing. This rear mounting option significantly simplifies the assembly of cabinets, thus saving both effort and time, and in turn money spent on the labour. Instead, the switch cabinet units and cable harnesses can be pre-assembled separately, which allows the work to be divided up more optimally, with processes being outsourced to facilitate more efficiency; everything in turn boosting productivity. With these Han B monoblocks, the Han-Modular range can also be used in a plug-compatible mode in the new Han-Eco. The modules can be integrated into the plastic hood or housing with the hinged frame design. With this innovation, the possibilities for plastic housing applications have increased. Furthermore, the plug compatibility of these Han-Eco B connectors can be boosted even more with metal housings. Hence, plastic and metal hoods and housings can be combined to bring better results. Because both the variants can be homogenously integrated into any production equipment, parallel usage is also possible, making it easier to respond with flexible solutions. Thus, both material versions can be used, as required or preferred.

To sum it up, here are the benefits you can achieve with this Han-Eco B series –

  • The rear mounting option can considerably save time, efforts, and money.
  • The switch cabinet units and cable harnesses can be pre-assembled separately with rear assemble inserts and hinged/holding frames.
  • Labour is divided, thus reducing manufacturing costs.
  • With metal and plastic variants being completely inter-mateable, there is no loss of time when plastic connectors are introduced as a new standard into the production facility.
  • The plastic housings call for no corrosion; thus, there is complete corrosion resistance.
  • The Han-Eco B series is also fire resistant, as per UL94-V0.

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