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Staying Safe With Brady Absorbents

For more than 30 years, Brady has been an industry leader in providing the best spill cleanup and containment products, and it still continues to develop innovative and superior products. In addition, it keeps costs manageable with its lean initiatives. Thus, one can get quality in a budget. Many industries across the globe depend upon Brady absorbent products every day to keep their staff and space safe against slips, falls, and accidents. You can also keep your employees and work environment safe from unexpected leaks, drips, spills, and other accidents by using Brady’s absorbents and spill containment products.

Staying Safe With Brady Absorbents

These products are designed to clean up not only water, but also oil and chemical based spills. The absorbent spill kits can keep you equipped with everything you may need to respond quickly and clean up spills of all kinds. These are available in combinations of bags, pads, socks, gloves, and instruction sheets; and are ideal for laboratories, construction sites, work stations, and industrial plants. If a complete kit is not what you need, you could opt for the absorbent pads and rolls, which are a cost-effective alternative, and are ideal for any indoor or outdoor application like around machinery, in traffic areas, under leaky pipes, or anywhere else. Wherever you place them, they are designed to soak up more liquids in lesser time. Other products offered by Brady in this segment include –

SpillFix granular absorbents – SpillFix granular absorbents are multi-purpose absorbents that can clean up spills, while also helping in lab packing and stabilization of free liquids. It helps keep floor surfaces clean, safe, and dry. They provide all options of cleaning up all kinds of liquids.

BrightSorb absorbents – BrightSorb absorbents are high visibility absorbents that are bright yellow in colour, which helps to draw attention to a potential hazard by messaging at the point of need. These surfactant-treated absorbents also pick up a wide range of aggressive chemicals, while remaining chemically inert. Thus, BrightSorb absorbents are a sign and an absorbent – two in one.

Safety signs – Visual reminders can always be a great options. Brady offers safety signs that can communicate even the most critical information through signs for safety, maintenance, and facility identification. They comprise of bright colours, bold text, and intuitive pictographs so that the communication is clearly visible and easily understood. These signs are compliant with the latest standards, and are designed to withstand the harshest of environments.

Thus, you can keep all your employees safe and happy, while saving your money, with Brady’s absorbents and spill containment products. Alltronix is an authorized Brady distributor in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, and Chennai, from where you can purchase almost all kinds of Brady products. The list includes sleeves, braided sleeves, heat shrinks, industrial printers, identification products, labels, and more.

You can shop for Brady absorbents based on the category you wish to purchase from. These include storage and containment, absorbent pads and rolls, absorbent socks, absorbent pillows, absorbent drum covers, spill kits, marine absorbents, and mat & rug absorbents.