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How Has HARTING Provided The Best Solution For Outside Broadcasting Applications?

With the increasing demand for high-definition (HD) broadcasting signal transmissions, the transition to HDTV has been completely achieved today. And, the constituent that plays one of the most important roles in this transmission is the fiber optics that is being used widely today as the popular signal transmission medium. This fiber optics has been useful in not only providing extremely reliable real-time transmissions, but also optical signal clarity and higher bandwidth. These qualities have helped in fulfilling the requirements of varied applications – even those utilizing the latest 4K and 8K technologies – such as ultra high-definition television, multi-channel audio, and Internet-protocol television.

How Has HARTING Provided The Best Solution For Outside Broadcasting Applications?

In fact, fiber optics is even replacing copper types for various outside broadcasting vehicle applications, since copper systems can transmit signals in only one direction, while fiber optics allow for bi-directional communication. More of traditional butt-joint fiber optics standardized connection technologies are being used, as they offer improved bandwidth signal handling over larger distances, and the ability to multiplex different signal types over a single fiber optic cable. Moreover, fiber optic cables are smaller and light in weight as compared to copper alternatives; thus minimizing space and the overall weight of the vehicle. Last but not the least, fiber optic cables are also immune to EMI/RFI interference and interruption by moisture or immersion in water.

However, the environmental conditions in which the fiber optics need to be used should be carefully considered and monitored. Any kind of potential for dust or dirt to come in should be checked for, especially in multiple mating situations. This is because butt-jointed fiber optic connectors can only be used efficiently in controlled environment conditions, where dirt and dust is minimized, and the connectors can be routinely cleaned easily. In any case, if the fiber optics needs to be used in operating conditions with much harsher environments, like in outdoor outside broadcast installations of music events and sports venues, the Expanded Beam fiber optic connector design technology needs to be used. This is where you need to get in touch with a HARTING distributor in Bangalore, one like Alltronix, where you can get the best quality HARTING sensors and connectors for your varied applications.

Why HARTING? Because HARTING came up with the best solution for such conditions. In such situations, its expanded beam connectors expand the diameter of the optical beam by almost 40 times, which is coupled into the opposite connector, and then collimated back down to the original beam size, and re-coupled into the fiber. This process of expanding the beam size reduces the influence of 0.020 mm piece of dirt by 40 times! This therefore makes the connector less sensitive to small dust particles or other elements of contamination, which can completely block out transmission in butt-joint type connectors.

The expanded beam fiber optics connector housings have a hermaphroditic mating design, which provides no chance of miss-mating. As a result, easy daisy chaining of end-to-end terminated cable assemblies is made possible in accordance with the allowable power budget. In this way, multiple matings can be achieved, supporting repeated temporary outside broadcast field installation conditions to an IP68 protection degree. These expanded beam fiber optics cable assemblies can be safely applied even in the harshest of conditions.

Thus, HARTING’s Expanded Beam fiber optics connectors and cables are completely reliable, assuring continuity of service even under harsh environmental installation operating conditions.