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How Has Advantech Brought Improved Efficiency At Hospitalier De Luxembourg?

Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg is a government owned hospital established on 10th December 1975. Today, it is one of the largest hospitals in Luxembourg with a staff of 2000 medical professionals. Every year, the hospital observes around 25,000 patients coming in for diagnosis, care and treatment. Other services that the hospital is into include research and education. With the success that the hospital has received since more than 4 decades, it is even more important that it maintains its operations and clinical processes to prove to be quick and efficient for the patients.

How Has Advantech Brought Improved Efficiency At Hospitalier De Luxembourg?

This is why the hospital decided to team up with Advantech to gain the best of its products and services for the betterment of the hospital. If you also want to team up with Advantech to gain the amazing benefits of its products and services, you need to get in touch with Alltronix, the leading Advantech distributor in Mumbai, where you can get all kinds of embedded computers, industrial rack computers, Fieldbus I/O systems, and more.

Advantech’s POC-S196/S176 Slim product

One Advantech product that proved to be very useful was the POC-S196/S176 Slim Point-of-Care Terminals with LCD panels capable of displaying high contrast images in more than 16 million colours! Moreover, the 1300:1 contrast ratio makes it a perfect image terminal. Available in 17 and 19 inch models, the touchscreen provides a very friendly and easy-to-use interface for medical operators. Also, the slim design is the perfect solution for areas with limited space, making it very easy to integrate them into an existing ICU environment. The hospital installed wall-mounted 19 inch POC systems in the ICU, and other wall-mounted and unmounted 17 inch units across the premises. These POC systems provided an outstanding cost/performance ratio!

Characteristics and features of Advantech POC-S196/S-176

Advantech’s POC-S196/S176 Slim Point-of-Care Terminals work on Intel Core Duo low power processor, and have a slim 19/17 inch TFT LCD display. Designed to resist water damage and spills, the system is IPX1 rated. It is also IP65 certified for a dust tight front panel. Various I/O connectors like serial ports, USB ports, and DVI-I ports are incorporated together into the system. This POC system supports up to 4GB SDRAM, has a wireless option, and meets all the UL60601/EN60601 regulations, while being CE and FCC Class B certified. Moreover, it has a quiet fanless design, which is just perfect for the medical environment. In fact, this characteristic has also made it popular in many audio measurement applications.

Benefits of Advantech POC-S196/S-176

With all the above characteristics, the POC-S196/S176 Slim Point-of-Care Terminals provide results like no other similar machinery. With this system, you can achieve easy monitoring, clear access to patient information, space saving option, improved efficiency, zero noise, and enhanced medical quality. Moreover, its isolated design also reduces electrical leakage, which provides protection for COM and LAN ports. And, the IPX1 and IP65 certifications make it water and dust resistant, thus reducing damage and time wastage. Thus, the POC-S196/S176 Slim Point-of-Care Terminals are the best solutions that offer the most exceptional cost/performance ratio in the market!