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HARTING’s Amazing Contributions To The Railway Industry

With the increasing technology, cable-based communication is on the rise in rail vehicles. Passengers are using WLAN on their travel; passenger information systems are carrying immense amounts of data; and there are a whole lot of other things happening in the rail vehicle that requires data signaling. For this, rail vehicles require a powerful network infrastructure so that necessary communication can be executed effectively. Network cables provide for data flow between vehicles, with connectors attached at the ends. HARTING is a manufacturer and supplier of various such components that allow for power, data, and signal transmittance in the railway technology. Let us take a look at the various kinds of components HARTING has to offer to the railway industry.

HARTING’s Amazing Contributions To The Railway Industry

Plug and play connectors

Rail vehicles have scarcity of space. HARTING’s plug and play connectors require only limited space to transmit data, power, and signals. Moreover, these connectors are surrounded by robust housings and shielded against electromagnetic interference. The Han Megabit and Han Gigabit modules provide for maximum data transmission rates in a limited space.

Optical fibers

Installations within the rail vehicles and industry need to be simplified, while allowing secured data transmittance and accelerated maintenance. Thus, increased operational security with reduced costs is the goal here. This is why polymer optical fibers are being used for engine control in railway transportation. With relatively short distances and high data rates, safety-based concepts are important with multiple connections in the applications. HARTING’s Active Multi Fiber Polymer Optical Fiber Module is an innovative approach offering safer and better performing transmission systems. These modules make fiber optic connections easier and faster to work with.

Full metal housing

Railway applications are always subject to harsh conditions like extreme heat, extreme cold, heavy rains, moisture, abrasion, and vibration. To combat these situations, HARTING has developed a unique full metal housing made of die-cast zinc, which is used with approved standard F and MH crimp connectors in accordance with DIN 41 612. Moreover, these housings are safely protected against electromagnetic influences.

Plug-in connectors

Train applications like brake systems, fire alarms, and traction converters are controlled through relay cards. These cards are put together in racks, and are located near the control cabinet of the vehicle. Each card contains several safety relays. The triggering signals for the safety functions to come from the train control cabinet. These relay contacts route the signals through rear connectors on the chassis to the executive units distributed throughout the train. HARTING offers a replacement of these complex hardwiring relay card racks with simple plug-in connectors, which use direct connections between the relay cards and I/O connections, thus eliminating the need for internal wirings. This results in faster and easy-to-assemble solutions that are extremely light in weight, and consume lesser space. They are also easy to maintain, thus reducing overall costs. 

All these solutions brought by HARTING are only some of the most popularly used ones from the long list of solutions the brand has to offer. For many such connectors, sensors, encoders, and PCB terminals, you can get in touch with Alltronix, the HARTING distributor in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, and Bangalore.