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HARTING’s Active Multi Fiber POF Module For Railways

Public safety is one of the prime elements that the government needs to focus upon in every field of life. One segment is the railway sector. It is the government’s duty to provide safe and reliable railway transportation to the public. And to help with this, there is a lot of advancement being done in the railway technology sector. For example, HARTING’s active multi fiber POF modules help make easy and fast fiber optic connections that result in faster and better performing transmission systems.

HARTING’s Active Multi Fiber POF Module For Railways

This is just one example. The requirements concerning the technology and management of railway transport systems are constantly rising. For example, the installations are demanded to be simplified, data is demanded to be securely transmitted, and maintenance is demanded to be accelerated. All in all, the overall demand is to boost operational performance and security while reducing costs. To bring in all of this, POF modules have now become the standard for engine control used in railway transport, which works on a safety-based concept with relatively short distances and high data rates. This helps to implement multiple connections in the application.

It is important that with increasing performance, the lifespan of the components should also increase. Maintenance and installation should be simplified and improved, while improving the performance and simplifying the handling. Keeping this approach in mind, HARTING has developed the innovative solution for connecting optical fibers, which is known as the Active Multi Fiber POF module. This module enables up to 16 polymer optical fiber pairs to be connected in the size of a DIN 41 612 connectors, instead of the bulky pair-wise connections. This significantly simplifies the handling work carried out in the field, which normally takes place under high time and high cost pressures, and extremely high safety standards.

In order to accomplish excellent on-site installation, installers require reliable and installation-friendly products like connectors with few components that can be installed even under extreme conditions, quickly and reliably. Thus, simple, fast, always the same, and always reliable is what describes the demands of customers today. This is the reason that has given rise to the concept of a connector for which the mating face and connection area consist of two mutually compatible modules. The mating face here is in the form of a jack or plug. And, the connection area is a terminal block accommodating up to 8 wires.

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