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Han-Smart Intelligent Connectors From HARTING

Up till now, industrial connectors have mainly been used as passive deices that carry power, data, and signals. However, with Han-Smart connectors from HARTING, new intelligent capabilities have been added to connector systems which can provide added value, thus evolving into active devices to serve the manufacturing requirements of the future.

Han-Smart Intelligent Connectors From HARTING

HARTING combines many years of connectivity expertise with advanced technology to extend their connectors portfolio. They understand that products of the future need to be used for smart industry applications, and must meet the new demands for dynamics and versatility. They also understand that by strengthening communication and networking, manufacturing can be made more cost-effective. This is why they have come up with innovative Han-Smart solutions that offer greater benefits than any other connectors till date. Let us take a look at the benefits that can be gained with these Han-Smart connectors.

Protecting sensitive electronic components

Negligence and overvoltage may cause unplanned outages and fire, which represent significant costs. But, with Han-Smart connectors, all sensitive electronic components can be protected, thus avoiding such circumstances and thus, the associated costs. Thus, with Han-Smart connectors, you can have surge protection without relying on separate external solutions, therefore eliminating any additional installation efforts and costs.

Minimizing facility downtimes

Han-Smart connectors can not only receive data, but can also process and forward data to other systems; the characteristic that helps them to be used in various applications like machinery identification, energy measurement, and surge protection.

Identifying facility components

With the increasing complexity and flexibility of industrial manufacturing, modular designed equipment is becoming more important. Adding such equipment to existing facilities can be an intuitive plug-and-play process. Faulty plugging can result in significant errors, which can lead to incredible loss of time and money. The Han-Smart ID module, when integrated into machines that use pluggable devices, auxiliary devices, and other components, can determine whether all the components are connected in the right positions. Sources of faults can be detected quickly to avoid faulty configurations at the earliest. Thus, Han-Smart connectors identify functionality combined with storage options for peripheral devices, thus saving time and reducing service costs.

Monitoring of energy and conditions

Within a complex manufacturing facility, the Han-Smart connector system can provide sensor functionality to supplement the other main functions of transmitting power, data, and signals. Thus, the facility can be monitored, while also making condition-based maintenance possible.

Ethernet networking

With today’s complex and modularized manufacturing processes, more powerful and durable connections are required to supply machine components with data, power, and signals. Han-Smart connectors have opened up to such new possibilities today. They give more freedom when creating topologies, and come with easy-to-add new Ethernet devices functionality.

With all the above benefits, you can clearly see how Han-Smart connectors seem to be the latest in functionality and usefulness. You can get to see and purchase many such connectors, sensors, encoders, backplanes, and PCB terminals at Alltronix, the primary Harting distributor in Pune, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Bangalore.