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Digital Transformation At HARTING

Digital Transformation, Integrated Industry, and Internet of Things are a few words that are on everyone’s lips. This fundamental change that is transforming the society – this digitalization – is affecting each and every one of us by changing and transforming all areas of the society. These changes are affecting private as well as industrial sectors in many ways. Digitalized development, production, and distribution network company processes more strongly. Digitalization affects every field of an industry, may it be product development, production, or sales. Let us look at each segment in detail.

Digital Transformation At HARTING

How does digitalization affect product development?

Networking is a fundamental requirement of digital product development. Diverse competencies are required to build innovative and customized products. Another important aspect is collaboration and cooperation with the customers. When customers want products tailored precisely to their needs, the teams involved need to collaborate amongst themselves, and the company needs to collaborate with the customers. This is where intelligent information systems become necessary to ensure that relevant information is provided all along the life cycle of the product.

How does digitalization affect production?

Digitalization helps during the stages of production too. Tailor-made products with shorter life cycles are made possible with efficient and cost-effective procedures. This is achieved with work processes that involve cross-functional teams working as a single work group, and solutions being rapidly conceived and implemented during production. To sum it up, digitalization helps in a fully networked production.

How does digitalization affect sales and distribution?

Earlier, customers were always kept at the end of the value chain. But today, the importance of customers is highly known, which is why they are present along the entire chain – right from the beginning of planning, executing, and production, till the end towards sales and distribution. The customer becomes an integral part of the entire process only because of the presence of a common information and communication structure. Customer needs are identified early on, which helps to develop products that fulfill their requirements. Some systems that help in the entire process include online product configurations, system-generated process information, and auto-generated customer satisfaction surveys. 

HARTING is a brand that sees industry as an integral part of society, which is subject to the process of transformation; and this is why it believes in digitalizing all its processes. It is the world’s largest sales organization selling components and assemblies of the connection technology for energy and signal transmission. HARTING has retrofit specialists who can cooperate with clients to grow competence networks, and bring together the company and the clients. As a pilot for digital transformation, HARTING can help expand business areas. Personalization and interaction are two important catchphrases at the HARTING family which has helped it to transform itself into such a successful digital business platform. And, to get the best out of this global leading brand, you can get in touch with Alltronix, the chief HARTING distributor in Pune, where you can get A-grade quality circular connectors, current sensors, data connectors, electronic connectors, encoders & power connectors, heavy duty connectors, high speed backplanes, modular rectangular connectors, and PCB terminals.