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Can The Demand For Uninterrupted WiFi On Trains Be Met?

We all are so addicted to the internet today that we just can't do without it! Just in case, our internet goes slow or dead even for two minutes, we start getting hyper. Whether it means checking mails, reading news, or for entertainment purposes, the internet has become as important as the air and water we live on. Realizing this, the trains have started offering WiFi on their railway tracks to enhance the travelling experience of passengers. However, since the trains are constantly moving through various regions and areas, you can't expect it to provide the same signal strength and speed throughout your journey. High speeds, tunnels, differing elevation, and reflective metal surfaces, all affect the kind of internet you receive.

Can The Demand For Uninterrupted WiFi On Trains Be Met?

However, despite this, trains do offer WiFi facilities to passengers to attract them towards travelling in their coaches. As a matter of fact, it is even being believed that trains are going to offer free WiFi to passengers, with many cellular operators working towards it. However, all of this requires lots of considerations and investment, so we don’t yet know the truth behind this.

But, we definitely know one truth about the technologies that are coming up to help make WiFi access on trains possible and easy. With trains travelling through so many different regions and states, and all kinds of climatic and environmental conditions, it is very difficult to provide constant and regular access to the internet. Various factors like the metal body, magnetic components, change of seasons, and other harsh conditions can disrupt the connectivity. This is why well-known established brands like Acksys are improving their systems to provide seamless WiFi experience to passengers on rails today. Acksys has been a manufacturer of robust data communication equipment since 1984, and is still working its way to seamlessly meet the ongoing requirements of customers that are changing everyday with time. Their expertise and high quality standards are what help them meet the most competitive requirements of the railway industry in five different continents, India being one of them. You can get the best equipment for helping passengers experience a seamless wireless on board train networking in India by opting for Acksys products available at Alltronix.

In today’s hyper-digital era, onboard WiFi has become less of a convenience, and more of a necessity for rail passengers. Books, newspapers, magazines are now a rare sight on trains, which have now been replaced by laptops, tablets, and smartphones that are used to stay online to read pages, stay updated with the latest news, and browse for information. This has increased the demand for internet on trains, and providers like Acksys are thus, working to meet these demands. Nevertheless, when it comes to bringing wireless on board train networking in India up to the same level passengers expect at home or work, the difficulties of large-scale infrastructure upgrades make this hard to achieve. However, with Acksys’ latest products combining WiFi 802.11ac and cellular connectivity, a truly uninterrupted communication can be established with a seamless data flow between the onboard equipment and trackside.