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Advantech’s 2018 Annual IoT Co-Creation Summit

Advantech is transforming from a hardware provider to a service provider, and is actively engaged in co-creating domain focused solutions with partners from various industries. Just like every year, the brand is to hold its annual conference this year too in November. Named as the Advantech IoT Co-Creation Summit, with an aim to co-create the future of the IoT world, it is to be held on the 1st and 2nd of November. This conference is to be held in Suzhou, China, in a large exhibition complex, including exhibition and conference, accommodation and catering, business travel, cultural and arts, and many other services. Situated in the core area of the city with an exhibition space of 1,00,000 m2 and a meeting space of 50,000 m2.

Advantech’s 2018 Annual IoT Co-Creation Summit

In this summit, there will be a lot for one to see and gain knowledge about through informative keynote speeches and thought-provoking panel discussions. It is going to be a great platform to showcase services of various companies, and match make with the most prominent solution providers in the industry. There are expected 5000 guests to exchange ideas on the networking platform, with 100 worldwide executive speakers and leading media experts to share insight. Also, there will be 50 partners to present applications in key domains, and 30 innovative IoT.SRPs to be announced. When you attend this conference, you can have access to the exhibition floors, keynotes, and engagement with speakers, exhibitors, and delegates through focus topic workshops and complimentary networking lunch.

If you are not sure about what Advantech’s conferences are about, let us give you a brief about Advantech’s Service IoT Partner Summit that was held from 6th to 8th April 2017 in Taipei, Taiwan. It was a three-day inspiring conference that helped to generate a lot of business between VIP partners. This premier global conference showed how Advantech smart city solutions can help build new IoT business models that can bring more predictive intelligence and innovative added values to individual domains. It also helped many companies meet with the most prominent solution providers in the Advantech ecosystem and build a strong and successful business network.

The three main areas of focus were – customized sector focus keynotes, match making, and experiencing service IoT solution demo tours. This involved digital logistics and fleet management, intelligent retail, and digital healthcare.

  • Ø The Digital Logistics and Fleet Management Sector delivers the best in German quality combined with Taiwanese flexibility, along with innovation and high level quality. It aims to become the leading supplier of industrial vehicle computing products and services for vertical markets across the globe like light and heavy duty applications, warehousing, and fleet management.
  • Ø The Intelligent Retail Sector offers different retail applications like banking services, industrial services, hospitality, public services, and more. Advantech always focuses on influencing user behavior and lead the next generation intelligent retail services by co-working with all ecosystem partners.
  • Ø The Digital Healthcare Sector builds core competencies of medical computing that can help to assist hospitals with establishing patient-centered healthcare environments and universal digital healthcare platforms.

Whether you plan to attend the 2018 IoT Co-Creation Summit or not, whenever you wish to use Advantech solutions for your applications, you can always get in touch with Alltronix, the most reliable and reputed Advantech distributor in Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore.