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Advantech Distributor in Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Delhi & Mumbai

Advantech DistributorAlltronix is an authorized Advantech distributor in Bangalore, supplying products to the Indian subcontinent from Advantech, the most reliable brand name for all sorts of industrial computing, and automation and control systems. We can provide you with products that can fulfill your requirements of embedded computers, industrial rack computers, fieldbus I/O systems, and SCADA.

We are the Advantech distributor in Chennai where you can get a wide range of superior quality embedded computers, even in fanless options. Advantech’s embedded computers are a full range of systems designed for single board computers and mini motherboards, featuring optimized mechanical design and flexible I/O interface options. Thus, with these computers, you can get maximized flexibility for designing efficiency. Additionally, the fanless range of embedded computers includes systems focused on edge computing that are highly suitable for remote monitoring and control. With these modular products, you can rapidly implement diverse applications and maximize the resulting benefits.

Alltronix is also the leading Advantech distributor in Hyderabad that supplies the finest quality industrial computers – both portable and mobile. With integrated add-ons like RFID, magnetic strip reader, and barcode scanners for field service, Advantech’s industrial portable computers are high mobility solutions. These include handheld terminals, industrial PDAs, and industrial tablet PCs. In fact, the rugged industrial tablet PCs are military-certified with a rock solid build quality. Advantech’s industrial mobile computers are popularly used in warehouse management, worker management, asset management, fleet management, and mobile surveillance systems. The products in this segment include mobile data terminals and vehicle mounted computers that have a rugged design and certified power systems, making them the most ideal choice for the applications mentioned above.

Alltronix is also the Advantech distributor in Pune who can provide you with the best quality fieldbus I/O systems that include remote I/O solutions, Ethernet I/O solutions, wireless I/O solutions, Profinet I/O solutions, and many other such robust systems and modules. The industrial fieldbus iDoor series modules support some of the most popular protocols like CANopen, PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, POWERLINK, and Sercos III in automation industries. And, the industrial fieldbus gateways provide seamless communication between fieldbus and industrial Ethernet devices as well as support for different protocols. In short, with these fieldbus I/O systems from Advantech, we at Alltronix can offer to you complete remote measurement and control systems for industrial applications.

Alltronix is the Advantech distributor in Delhi also offering browser-based HMI/SCADA software solutions that can aid in viewing, controlling, and configuring systems remotely over an internet or intranet connection using a standard Web browser. With such systems, you can avail support for Android, Windows, and iOS mobile devices; and support for open standard programming like JavaScript, VB Script, and TCL. Open real-time and offline data connectivity is also possible. Other services that are included with SCADA include remote access to alarms and data, SMS alarm notification, email alarm notification, report and messages, Google Maps integration, Web-enabled audio and video, and multi-layer inter-operable SCADA nodes.

Therefore, you can rely upon Alltronix for all your computing, I/O systems, and SCADA requirements as it stands tall to be the most trustworthy Advantech distributor in Mumbai today!